With this new reality of ours, we're working to keep everyone safe and our time spent at each property as short as possible. So please advise your clients of a few useful rules so that everything can go seamlessly. 


While Michigan state guidelines are now allowing for larger groups to be together indoors, we're asking that ideally any homeowner should vacate the property while we're on-site. If anyone must be present, please inform your clients beforehand that everyone should wear a face mask while we occupy the same spaces.

Properties will be photographed as-is. For example, we will not be moving any objects or furniture, flipping light switches, or opening and closing window treatments. 


Please ensure that you or the owner/tenant does the following prior to our arrival :


  • Open all curtains and blinds

  • Close all toilet lids

  • Turn on lights

  • Tidy up countertops and clutter

  • Move cars out of driveway

If any person present appears to not respect our safety or appears visibly ill, we hope you understand that we reserve the right to leave a property and bill for the minimum amount of photos taken.


Many thanks to you and your clients for your understanding and cooperation. Stay safe. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!