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What should I do to prepare my clients and house for photography?

A well-staged home always photographs best. However, staged or not, homes should be clean and uncluttered with extra attention paid to mirrors and windows (inside and out). Personal items may add a "homey" touch, but keep them to a minimum, if not at all. 

And the exterior?

The exterior and landscaping will also look best when it is well-manicured and tidy. Hoses, garbage cans and garden tools should be out of sight and walkways & decks should be clean of debris. 

What about lighting?

I LOVE natural light, I prefer to see where shadows fall and highlights glint. By shooting interiors with natural light, it allows the viewer to get an idea of where windows are, even if they aren't visible. That doesn't mean that light can't still be sculpted; depending on the complexity of the project, I use a combination of natural light, flash, blocking/softening and when fitting, the home's fixtures to light spaces. 

How long does a photoshoot take?

For vacation rentals typically anywhere from 2-5 hours to photograph the interior and exterior. Interiors, architectural, product and lifestyle projects are more time intensive and can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days depending on the scope of the project. 

When and how will I get the photos?

Photos will be delivered electronically to you; typically within 7-14 business days for vacation rentals and 6-10 weeks for commercial projects. 

Who 'owns' the photos?

Photos are licensed for usage depending on the application; copyright and ownership remains with Kristen Turick Photo. Photos may not be shared, transferred or sold to any other party without written permission from photographer. 

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